About Us

Keeping your online research organized without the extra work.

The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming -- limitless websites and sources of information. There is no good way to save, annotate, and track the important things you find. Bookmarks, browser tabs, and long documents of copy/pasted content are a headache.

That's why we created PowerNotes - to take the pain and frustration out of internet research. PowerNotes is the first online research platform that not only saves what's important but also keeps it organized for you.


Something in that article catch your eye? Enable the PowerNotes Browser Extension so you can highlight and file away info to one of your custom topics in a project.


Want to add a thought to that highlight? Simply type your notes, and no, you don't need to copy/paste the url of the site in there - PowerNotes does this for you.

Using the PowerNotes extension to save highlights
Viewing options in the PowerNotes extension


Your highlights, notes, and urls are saved to under your custom topics in your project - an organized and accessible way to preserve what you've collected.

Forge Ahead

Time to write that paper, print that trip itinerary, or share the furniture shopping list you created? It's all at your fingertips, just download your project.