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Highlighting outlines

The no-time outline

Highlight, categorize, and take notes on any website. We’ll organize your research into an outline for you.

Reordering blocks

Stress-Free Organization

Edit, recategorize, and filter your research with a click or by dragging and dropping.

Magnifying glass over internet page

Find Anything

Don’t waste time combing through your research searching for that perfect note, quote, or article.

Capture the Internet

Highlight text on any website, take notes, and drop the content into your own research topics with a click.

Save Sources

Don’t get in trouble. We save links to all your sources so you’ll never forget where you found that perfect quote.
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Organize Automatically

Save time by having a structured outline created for you as you conduct your research.


See your progress as you add topics, find resources, and make annotations.
PowerNotes made drafting my Moot Court brief much simpler. It helped me focus and organize all my sources and thoughts in one place.

Anahi, Law Student at USC

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